The UK Curriculum and Accreditation Body (UKCAB) (charity registration # 1153197) is a UK based, not for profit educational, training, awarding, accreditation and quality assurance charity. Currently we are mainly focusing on the UK but intend to expand to other parts of the world for all our projects.

UKCAB endeavours to provide a full range of services concentrating on areas deemed most attention seeking such as feed the hungry, childcare services, renal care, management development, education and Training for societal development, and Drinking water.

The philosophy behind our projects is to help target communities to acquire sustainability, sustenance and progress. For example, feed the needy project ensures that everyone in the community gets to enjoy a decent meal. Under renal care projects UKCAB has not only taken potent steps to raise awareness about the disease, but has also contributed by donating considerable amount of funds to various hospitals across the globe and offering facilities like wheel chairs, food etc to local hospitals.

Our recent project focuses mainly on community development. We feel that provision of opportunities in the form of skills development, finances, training opportunities etc, can practically help us achieve all of our goals such as feed the needy can be can be targeted more productively if these categorized as needy are helped getting into either job or entrepreneurship, through training etc. thus, UKCAB has introduced a specialized project called “ignition pro”. This allows all to get trained for skills development, apply for finances if and where needed or just share their experiences with others. It acts as a platform for entrepreneurs to explore opportunities and allow other avail the opportunities they offer.

We welcome all to contribute and participate in all or any of our projects using specified sources available on our website.

Our Locations

  • London
  • Leicester
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Bradford

You can become a part of all or one of these noble causes by making donations. You can pay monthly or a one off for the project of your choice. You can also sponsor a part of any project by donating resources like renal treatment equipment, books for schools, sponsor a water resource etc.

Lets Talk

If you are interested in volunteering your services for any of the projects please contact us on +44 (0) 300 311 1310.

You can volunteer in many ways like becoming a part of teaching staffs for education, joining awareness team for renal issues and/or clean water supply.